Newbie List Building – 7 Tips

1. Choose something that you love: Prior to building your email list you should first pick your niche. How? By brainstorming! What’s your profession? Which are the things for which you’re passionate about? What do you do for your amusement? What did you always desired to learn or do? This is the way you must start to pick your niche.

2. Research: Note down every niche & know key words associated to your niche, for this use Google keyword so as to narrow your chosen niche down. If your main keywords get 3,000 or more searches each month, theirs is a high possibility that is a right niche for you. If you see 20k – 30k searches you surely got a winner. Be mindful about the fact that niches with heavy searches can be more competitive, hence for newbies start your building your list around a niche having small but specific amount of searches.

3. Pick a unique domain name: Search for a domain name which is jaw dropping, the one which will makes them want to know more about your service/product. Use emotional desires, drives for pleasure, beauty, wealth, etc. A great example is Never go for confusing names, never use complex terms What is DS Domination include your keywords inside your domain name at all times.

4. Picking the Right Web Host: It might sound complicated however it really isn’t that tough. Know how create a website & simply publish it online. The internet has enough info to assist you in learn the process.

5. Building your list with squeeze page: The most crucial online marketing tool that you’ve is your squeeze/ opt in page. An opt-in/squeeze page’s only aim is to make a visitor to provide you their name, email id & an approval to continue contacting them, in exchange for a product/free service that will interest them. Squeeze pages is used to create a strong and responsive email list of individuals who’re interested in your service/product.

6. Following up: You’ll require a top notch auto-responder to manage your follow-up & stay in contact of your list which will let you to build a relationship with your list and advertise your service/product anywhere, anytime worldwide.

7. Get your list building page up and running on your server: FTP was created for uploading files to your server quick and easy. This is a must learn if you plan to build a strong, effective list of customers.

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